Featuring signature-less anomaly detection and blocking technology with application awareness and layer-7 state tracking!!!

Now available in Petabyte-capable appliance form factor!*

(Formerly: The Ultimately Secure INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM
Featuring signature-less anomaly detection and blocking technology!!)

[attention: You may have noticed that this is just an old article that I wrote in 1994, with the title changed. This, in itself, is a metaphor for the whole Intrusion Prevention market hype. What you're getting, thanks to Gartner's unrestrained hyping of this non-existent not-ready-for-prime-time "concept technology" is that everyone who has something old that can be re-branded as intrusion prevention is rushing to update their powerpoints. I felt it was only right that I follow suit.]

(Formerly: The ULTIMATELY Secure Firewall
Stateful Adaptive Packet Destruction Enterprise-Class Gigabit Intrusion Prevention System)

Installation Instructions

If I had a dollar....

If I had a dollar for every time I've seen someone post "I need a 100% secure firewall, that lets me do everything" I'd be retired by now.

The fact is, that if you're connecting your network to anything else, you're running a risk. Period. Usually, that risk can be reduced, often dramatically, by employing basic security precautions such as firewalls. But a firewall is a risk reduction system, it is not a risk mitigation system -- there is, always, some danger that something can go fatally wrong with anything built by humans.

The firewall above is the only 100% guaranteed secure solution.

(* May have a performance impact on traffic if prevention is enabled)