A Year Of Agony: The Sourcefire Computer Security Calendar

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The idea for this originally came up at a small private conference, where I was clowning around with a few folks and we sort of hit upon the concept. I made up an estimate budget for what it would take to produce the calendar and then I took the idea to my former teammates at my last company, but they couldn't commit to the money (about $16,000.00). I tried another company that I had worked with and their marcom folks had just done a calendar, so it would have been a political disaster to have an outsider do another one. I mentioned the idea to Marty Roesch and Jennifer Steffens from SourceFire and Marty immediately said, "do it." From start to finish, production was a 4 month effort. I solicited friends in the industry for interesting dates that we should put on the calendar, then researched the dates - often I just went directly to the source and E-mailed industry luminaries and historians. My photographer buddy Tal McBride and I did all the photography in a single hellacious day of shooting in a studio in Virginia. Mrs. McBride generously agreed to provide assistance; her hands appear in several of the months, and she's the "cover girl." I posed for several of the months, donating my knee, my hand(twice), and my butt. Many of the props were collected in my house and around the farm - it was a fun project!!



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