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Subject: okay i will end but before i go
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 18:09:44 -0000
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if i did sell them i was able to get at least £1000 for one image and that was at a 50% fee for me meaning i would have sold thousands at that minimum rate meaning if i did get your permission i would have wnt 50/50.i was offered that on one image of ure but said sorry no-can-do because it was ure image and not mine.but i could have done it.
the image was rope done in blue
so as i said i am sorry but i had NO intensions in sellin ure or gwfa work at all.just a show piece.in the sales gallery was only mie and mine only.
but thanks anyway i am not an evil bastard like what u are.i take it and accept it and let it be. remember i always can get even but i am not a treatening evil person.i will leave it and forget it and learned my lesson.NOT TO USE OTHER IMAGES TO GET EXPERIENCE AND SHOW PEOPLE WHAT TYPES OF CONCEPTS I WANT TO DO AND DO NOW
I do have my own work but telling u this wont do anything
thank you i don`t care what u do
remember i do0n`t need a website and have other peoples work to get the recognision
i have sold my work all over my work my work my work
have u?
Living in the usa and Italy and scotland is real nice....Money is greener than ever my work and only my work and i have the models that can send their folios and i can send u release forms from a model agency with the models i take.....infact there is a £ bill i just pulled out my ear there.don`t need it so my daughter can spend it.
anyway i can get damn right nasty too. but that is lowering myself to nothing....Life is too short to worry about those matters in life i`m going to ruin u blah blah blah etc.
infact we can make it quits and let bygones be bygones
u take a classic picture see how much u can sell it for and I will compare
Do u want George Cloney from the live8live in Murryfield Edniburgh?
UR bono face to face?
Midge Ure,Bob Geldoph....The great James Brown face to face photoshot?I have it I took them with my older camera FujiS7000.......I can go on and on.
Top Italian models I took while in Italia at Lido di Venezia e Bibione. my uncle knows.......say no more

anyway i am not threatening u i won`t lower myself and to give out slurs etc.remember what`s on paper is liable.but not to me.....
I may have lost website and others but I can take a damn good photo and get paid in green whatever colour u want it to be and it is loads.with copyright and that i own not sold.
thank you
sincerely yours