From: "Linda Donegan" <>
To: "Marcus J. Ranum" <>
Subject: Re: forgot to say
Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 10:49:09 +0000

You dont tell me what to do you prick.I aint afraid of you.And thanks for the threat.What are you so afraid of? The reason you have euans pic on your vile website is because noone would even look at it otherwise.You know all the US laws.You know you cant use an image of someone without their permission.Does the global community know that?You think you can hide behind your little laptop and destroy people.Come out come out where ever you are coward.Why dont you give me a phone or better yet come for a visit.Ill show you all around Scotland.Ill show you what Scots do to a sex fiend like you.You thought you could hide and do this in the states and euan couldnt do anything about it.Well guess what sweetie.You are fighting a red blooded american now.My dad got 3 purple hearts in WW2 ,all of my four brothers served in Nam and i have 2 nephews in Basra right now defending the likes of scum like you.You make me sick.And you ARE taking down euans pic off your shit website and his name as well or I will get you for using his image without his permission to advertise your website and for harassment.I will not rest until you are offline and everyone knows what you really are.By the way I dont have a website.You wont find any pics of me.I am a ghost.Its like you say you never know who is writing back.Get me thrown offline.I have all the info I need on you.You see the computer is not my life as obviously it is yours. What a strange reaction.You dont want to hear from me?Oh why not sugar?Did i hit a raw nerve?Have i convinced you i am a jersey girl.Born in the usa and proud of it.Its americans like you why people hate us around the world.Mr know it alls.Mr IT security expert who invented the firewall.Bullshit.Why arent you Bill Gates right hand man then?Prove it.You are a fucking want to be loser.Never quite good enough are you?And by the way who do you think you are?Somebody important?Where did you go to college?Penn State,MIT maybe.Come on sunshine call someone on me.I dare you.You are a computer geek.I could just imagine you in high school.Probably loved dungeons and dragons and head of the chess club.Well we are playing chess right now.Street chess.You think you can just destroy people and sit back at your computer desk.I play serious games.Take your best shot.And remember come at me not my husband.You are just another educated idiot.I grew up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Jersey.We used to beat the crap out of guys like you.Come on boy show me what you got.Come at my husband for copyright infringement.You are illegally using an image of my husband to sensationalise your garbage website.If you dont print all of my letters to you for all the global community to see what a coward you are then i will.Thats a promise.Not your edited versions either.I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.I dont put degrading pics of women online and say they are art.My shit is more creative then you.I bet you are never off the porno sites.Oh well when the police confiscate your computer they will find out. I knew you were a creep.A stalker and a paedophile.And worse still a coward.My husband will rip your head off if he ever gets his hands on you.Much less my family in the states.You will never know what hit you.Come on weirdo.You do your worse.Oh but all you can do is put peoples heads on naked womens bodies.Thats creative.Sad little man.I reiterate.Get a life.And leave us alone. I hope to God you dont have kids.Do they know what daddy takes pics of?I wonder what county social services would say to it when i send your website to them.And were you a good boy this year and got your tax returns in on time by April 15?Does the IRS know about your financial activities online?How much money you are making off the books?By illegally using euans pic.They will when i tell them. You aint playing with a Scotsman now honey.I am an American citizen with just as much right to my freedom of speech as you.According to you my husband is a photo pirate.Well according to me you are a paedophile and a stalker who wont leave us alone.Who is ruinin g our lives.And you wont even come out of the shadows and show yourself.I hope you have a miserable life and die a slow painful agonising death.Thanks for your last reply.Now i can prove it.And stop sending filthy disgusting messages to my 10 year old daughter.Print that globally.You should be locked up with all the other sex criminals.You are a beast.You probably have driven up that Hersey highway many a times.Get it Hersey PA. I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU.Print my letters.I want everyone to know what you are you smug bastard.Lets see a list of your credentials.Prove who you are.And I am still waiting for the info on who my husband sold your lousey pics to.When ,what date.tHESE ARE THE QUESTIONS YOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER IN COURT.And no it is not irrelevant but i can tell you what is.That sick porn you are trying to pass off as art.You are one nasty piece of shit.I STILL THINK THAT IS A NAKED PIC OF A LITTLE GIRL AND YOU TOUCHED IT UP.WE BOTH KNOW YOU CANT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE ON THE WEB.THERE ARE SOME EVIL PEOPLE IN CYBERSPACE.You cant even sell them without making up stories to get people to go into your website.Let me ask you something?How many people even looked at your crappy sex pics before you put euans face on your skanky model?Cant you take anything else besides naked women?But then thats your sick mentality.And we all know what kind of women expose themselves online.Desperate sexually abused women.Probably by you.I dont even want to think about what you and your model did to that poor rubber chicken at that photo shoot.Beastiality as well you are into.You are one sick son of a bitch.And i will not rest nor will i let you rest until euans pic and name are removed from your website.Believe me he wont be giving you any more publicity on his.He thinks you are a joke.A wanker as he says.Jerk off in the good ole US of A.Thats probably what you do all day.Jerk off to my husbands pic.What are you in love with my husband?You seem to be obsessed with him.You definitely have some issues you should see a doctor about. Dont you ever threaten me again douchebag.Ill phone the police.They will listen to me being an American citizen.It will be my pleasure to tell them all about you.Pretty soon everyone in the world will know you are a kiddiefiddler.As Pink Floyd says LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE.Keep in topuch now honey.Better still give us a phone.Id love to hear from you.No doubt a brilliant hi tech security man ha ha like you could get ahold of that info.Remember global community Mr Ranum doesnt want me to write to him anymore.Ask yourselves why.The whole world is watching Mr Ranum.Whats the matter you can dish out the shit but you cant take it back.I KNEW I WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU.YOU ARE NOT GOING TO USE MY FAMILY ANYMORE TO MAKE MONEY AND A NAME FOR YOURSELF. YOU MUST BE STOPPED.GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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