Envelope-to: mjr@ranum.com
From: "Linda Donegan" <acrobat76@u2.com>
To: "Marcus J. Ranum" <mjr@ranum.com>
Subject: forgot to say
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 22:47:32 +0000

Well the dork has balls.So you havent sold any of your garbage.No wonder.iTS CRAP AND ITS CREEPY.Like you no doubt.Euan already had poser 6 from curious labs.And what concern is it of yours if it was other peoples work which it wasnt.Euan bought programs from renderosity artists full receipts.Your shit images if you look close enough where was the dollar sign?and you being a so called photographer would know that you cant sell copied images without QC and raw to do so.Euan can put any image up for sale as long as he has the original files.Check alamy for real photographers. And you know all the us laws.Bring it on you damn nerd.Go for it.And naturally I used my husbands computer to write to you. I didnt mean i know where you live from your website i mean i actually visited you not too long ago. You better be able to prove how old your models are because i am coming to get oyu you sick bastard.Everyone should know what you really are.You are a paedophile.Sue me.Anyone that could put such trash on the net has to be into something creepier. Its Anna who is writing this not Euan.So dont bring him into it.Love the pic of Euan on the model.How much did you pay her.How come you dont show the one of you and her and the horse?Dont forget now print this letter all over the net you obviously have nothing better to do with your life then destroy them on the net.And dont you ever refer to my husband as Euan its Mr Donegan to you.Learn some respect boy Why dont you show your real pics?The ones with those 6 year old boys.Come on Marcus everyone on the net wants to see your real photography.Show them. Show me who he actually sold them to.What about this other artist how come he isnt doing anything about it.How come you arent smart guy?Go to a lawyer.All you can do is make up stupid photos with his pic on it which you had no right to take off his website without his permission.You are a hypocrite.Really no nuts get a damn life stop taking pics of those kids.NOW REMEMBER YOU SEND THIS EMAIL ROUND TO ALL YOUR NERD PALS.You probably have wet dreams about Euan at night.We can do this forever you know.What are you anyway the internet police Book him Dano. And i must say for one i am quite offended by your pics.I think you should take them off and get another hobby.I dont enjoy them and i doubt anyone else does.You are such a sad little man.You and all your college degrees.Everyone global something must be done about this sick stalker.Help me get this freak out of my husbands life. Looking forward to hearing from you honey.

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