Envelope-to: mjr@ranum.com
Cc: Kaitlin Lara Fritz <XXXXXXXXXX>,
        Matt Baxter <XXXXXXXXXXX>
From: Matthew Scherfenberg <XXXXXXXXXXX>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 23:38:14 -0600
To: "Marcus J. Ranum" <mjr@ranum.com>
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Hey Marcus..

   I looked around for a couple hours with the other Matt and found 
some of that stuff..  also a couple of leads from the weblogs on my 
website..  but nothing to conclusive..

Kaitlin says she'll email all the models on MM that are listed as 
friends or tagged him  or whatever..  so we can warn them..  she 
recorded the contacts so she can do it after we close his ass down..

Problem is..  I know he's on deviantart.com because thats the only 
place I have one of the images posted that he put up..  and I can't 
find his account..  also Kaitlin thinks (and she's most likely right) 
that some or all of the 3D stuff is stolen off RO and I can't find 
his account there either..  maybe you can tell if he took stuff from 
your RO account.  Anyway.. I'd like to shut him down everywhere we can..

I'm sure there are others he ripped off...  I'd like to warn/tell 
them..  DaveMC was sure some of the stuff was from a friend of his.

Sadly..  his site at freeweb isn't in the "waybackmachine" so I 
couldn't get any clues there..

I have to work tomorrow..  so I'm not sure when I'll get to some of 
this..  go ahead and start without me..  or don't ..  I trust you to 
know what you are doing with this..  just please drop me a Bcc of 
what ever you send out..  and if you want to give me a call 
(XXXXXXX) when you make a start..  go ahead..  I can try to take 
the time out of my day at work to put out some emails..    If you 
want to wait for me.. thats cool too, just let me know..   My buddy 
XXXXX might help too..    He and I wonder if you guys know each 
other..  he was at RSA too ..  (not that that means you'd know him)

Also BIG thanks to my buddy DaveMc (XXXXXX) who found this 

Kaitlin also sent him this .. to see if we could get his dArt , OMP  
or  RO site ..  or something else..   ..  I'm sure she'll check early 
for an email from him..

        From:     XXXXXXXX
        Date:   February 19, 2006 3:33:19 PM CST

I saw some of your work online and I really liked a lot of it. I'm 
travelling to Europe over spring break and I'd consider paying you 
to shoot some photos of me. I'd like to see more of your work. Do 
you have any work posted anywhere other than your personal website 
and model mayhem that I could look at? Thanks for your time.


WHAT I FOUND:  (like I said.. I think you have all this too..  but 
here's a paste from my notes)


no contact here except the mod contact page..   so if you have 
anything better then that or abuse@modelmayhem.com.. let me know.

link to him here

he says he's a member of

His Contact Sh*t:

Euan Donegan
Mobile... 07793463515
Business... [0]1382 870047