From: "Linda Donegan" <>
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 13:06:33 +0000

Dear Geekboy,    My name is Anna Donegan nee Hewson I am euan Donegans wife.Iam writing to you because i am sick to death of your campaign of lies and wild accusations against my husband.I want you to put on the net every photo that euan supposedly sold who he sold them to what he got for them and the dates he sold them.If you cant produce this info then you better keep your mouth shut.Put up or shut up dorkface.And that goes for your pals as well.    My husband never sold any of your crappy and i must say pervy pics.Who would buy such garbage.And by the way how much money have you made from them? Probably nothing.They belong on porno sites.You are strictly amateur and always will be.You have a very high opinion of yourself.And also are your models the age of consent?They look awful young to me.If you can accuse euan of being a thief i am calling you a paedophile.The cops in PA should do some investigating about what goes on in your studio. I am an American.Jersey girl through and through.I have family in NJ NY and PA.i know where you live.The area.I was just in the states on family business last month.Expect a few surprises.cOME AND GET ME GEEKBOY NOT MY MAN.You must be one sick bastard if your so called photos are anything.You are stalking my husband online ,Whats the matter cant get a woman to make you happy?You are a real sad prick. Oh by the way we did use your pics,For toilet paper.Thats what their only use is. SO YOU NERD I AM CHALLENGING YOU PRINT THIS LETTER ALL OVER THE INTERNET SO EVERYONE CAN KNOW WHAT A SAD LITTLE HA HA MAN YOU ARE.gET A FUCKING LIFE. PS EVERYONE OUT THERE KNOWS YOU NEED ORIGINAL FILES TO SELL write back.if you have the balls to take me on.

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