Listen - have you looked at my site at all? Do you have any idea what I do
for a living?? A few years ago I wrote some software that does statistical
analysis on Email to determine if it was written by the same person (spelling
errors, punctuation patterns, sentence structure, vocabulary, etc) and the
emails I'm getting from you (as well as that "model" who Emailed me a while
ago) are 98% and 97% matches with the Emails I got from Euan Donegan,
respectively. I can only conclude that you're not who you say you are,
you're just Euan Donegan playing stupid games with me, again.

Furthermore, Donegan, you should simply let matters drop. Instead of
letting matters drop, you Emailed Bruce Schneier a message that
mis-represented me. That's not the actions of someone who is apologetic
for his wrongdoings.

So, let me tell you how this is going to pass. If I hear one more word out
of you, ever. INCLUDING a response to this Email, I'm going to write a
web-page about this whole experience and what a bizzare psycho
you appear to be. I'll link it to my photo gallery page. Since my page
is read by about 500,000 people a year and google indexes it,
the name "Euan Donegan" will be at the top of the google list with
my page about this whole experience. I save every Email I send and
receive. I have all the screenshots of your website with my stolen
images and so do Matt Scherfenberg and 2 other photographers.
Matt's girlfriend, Kaitlin, has the Email exchanges with you in which
you offered to sell her a photoshopped copy of one of Matt's photos,
and claimed it was yours.


Goodbye, Euan, and please go away now,

At 09:54 PM 8/7/2006, you wrote:
well he`s gone straight with 2 qualifications own photography all his work and so.He may have made a mistake but learned and not to be ruined all plastered on the web.