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Subject: Re: looks like you have been naughty
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 02:54:07 +0100
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well he`s gone straight with 2 qualifications own photography all his work and so.He may have made a mistake but learned and not to be ruined all plastered on the web.I understand what he did was wrong in one point but he didn`t sell any of your work just had them as a sample to show what he was capable of doing when he got the models like he has now.He wasn`t to steal in any way and use ure images.I found that out but please don`t be harsh on him..He is a good guy and I have seen him at work not met him yet..If this reputation can be rectified I am sure you won`t be pestered again by anyone who is surfing the google search and finding what they see.
I will leave now and I`m sure u have a conscience and sleep well at nights..It may have been a joke what you did with his image and what u said in comments etc but it had gotten too far.
I am sure Euan would like to meet you some day and discuss many things and I am sure he would say sorry face to face and so and end this stupidity starting fresh..He is very big in UK and Europe whith his own photography and you may come across some of his work I`m sure.
Thanks for your time