Miles Vorkosigan Ranum...


Miles likes water. He's a bit emotionally needy, and really enjoys periodically being reminded that you love him. About every 10 seconds is often enough.

Miles has a charming habit of grabbing your elbow (or hand) (or head) in his mouth gently to get your attention. "hey, I need to be smooched on!" He's a grand fellow.

"Malamute genes rock! Why are you shivering Dad?"

Weight when we got him at 8 weeks: 15lbs or so. 6 months: 70lbs. 1 year: 127lbs.

If there's any truth to the idea of reincarnation, when I die, I hope I get to come back as a shepherd dog that lives on a huge farm with mud to roll in, deer to chase, horses to smell, weird disgusting things to dig up and eat, and open fields to run in. Miles is usually muddy to his armpits and loving it.

It's good to be a big dog with lots of room to zoom around in!    

Update: Miles has learned how to chug-a-lug rabbits! His current record: 2 bites and the rabbit disappeared. Maybe he's learning stage magic and is hiding the rabbit up his sleeve or something, but I couldn't find it.