Recipes For Disaster

Ok, I just couldn't pass up having some fun with that title. :) Hopefully these recipes don't yield disastrous results for you if you try them. They've worked well for me for years.

Tauren-style Chocolate Oatmeal Truffles The taste of breakfasty oatmeal. Keyword: OATS!
Mint Lemonade (not quite Saudi-style) A joy-making hot weather drink from the Persian Gulf!
Miso Ginger Carrot Raspberry Vodka salad dressing If you've had the sushi bar style miso ginger salad dressing, my version completely kicks its ass.
Vodka-Infused Stuff A very useful kitchen trick
Turkish Delight A fantastic delicate delicious goo from ancient Tunisia
Smoked Salmon and Pasta A quick dish that tastes great and is really easy to make!
Thoughts on the art of Chili

"Everyone sing his own kyrie eleison" - Chili is highly personal but here are some ideas that float my boat.

Caramel Corn mjr style

Why do things the easy way when you can do them the hard way and have spectacular results?
Make this and I swear you'll be blown away!

A Philosophy of Pizza

Never eat boring pizza again. That stuff from the take-out chains? It's wretched and you can do something about it!

Goopy Chicken Cubed chicken in marsala wine and gooey cheese sauce. Easy to prepare and quick to cook! This is fabulous with fresh pasta and is a real company-pleaser!
Popovers Fantastic foamy bready gooey breakfast delights! Very easy to make and a real treat!
Desperation Waffle Mix What I make waffles out of.
Muffins You know those Thomas' English Muffin corporate death food things? You'll never be able to put one in your mouth again, if you make this recipe.