Chapter 6: Paint

Paint is amazing. It hides so many ills! Perhaps we should all paint ourselves...

Now that's some boilerplate!

I had forgotten how incredibly unpleasant it is to paint cinder-block, even when it's already sealed and primed. You have to work the roller/brush into every crack and nook. The darkroom is pretty small but it took me nearly 4 hours to do half of it, and it sucked up almost 1/2 gallon of paint.

When I've got the sinks and cabinets in, I'll go back over with a silver dry-brushing to give it some metallic highlights.

Meanwhile,I started thinking about the floor. I checked on one-piece vinyl sheet, but none of the vinyl really has the proper "battleship floor" look, they are all cheery and colorful. Instead, I found tintable epoxy garage floor paint. So now I'm mulling over whether to do the floor in black, kelly green, grey, or bordello curtain red. I'll take some pictures and photoshop the floor to various colors and we'll see what we all think!

UPS is supposedly going to deliver the gas-lamp light fixtures tomorrow or wednesday...

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