Chapter 3: Frustration


I had a buddy who always used to say "projects are a good way of keeping your frustration level high." Today, I went over to start cutting the overlap pieces and installing "rivets" but first I thought I'd clean up from yesterday. I started by peeling the tape off the wall panels. Or tried to. The first panel, I tugged the tape, and it came off the wall - with the panel .

Apparently "locktite adhesive - bonds wood, concrete, drywall, and wallboard" doesn't stick to, uh, wallboard. It's nicely stuck to the concrete, all right, but it peels right off the panel. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

Instead of trying to figure out what to do right then, I decided to quit for the day before I lost my cool and started throwing things. So I went into the studio to shoot a couple studies of this spray of rose-blossoms that I have, then - when I went to mix my plate developer, I discovered that I'd left my acetic acid at home on the kitchen counter 10 miles away.

Meanwhile, there's a little engine in the back of my mind, churning away trying to figure out what's the best way to handle the wall panels... Try different brands of construction adhesives? Do some tests? I'll probably have it all figured out by tomorrow when I wake up.

My get-well plan for the evening: hot tea, a good book, and maybe I'll do some writing.

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