Chapter 10: Plan C

Today I went over and spent some time looking at the layout of the darkroom and thinking about the cabinets some more. I realized that I don't really need a lot of counter space, and I really wanted something strikingly different-looking for that end of the room.

Enter Plan C!

Forgive my shitty art skills, please!

This is a pretty poor rendering of how the final version should look. I realized that I was just stuck on the idea of having some red velvet curtains - and that I wasn't going to be happy unless I figured out some way to work them in correctly. Having curtains around the enlarger seemed like a great way to make it the visual center of the room, and making a funky-looking "riveted" round and curved table would add some very necessary round curves to the overall design. I'll visually hold down the end of the room with a massive "riveted" arch made out of construction foam. That arch will be echoed by smaller ones that run down the length of the room.

The cabinets will go on the opposite walls, with a smallish plywood (although I could now use a commercially made formica-covered counter-top) counter on each base unit, with a small cabinet on the wall over them. It occurs to me that this will be pretty efficient since I'll use each sink for different purposes and I've already got huge amounts of storage space under the black sink. I'll give myself a bit more storage space under the enlarger by making the table two-tiered so I can store things between the layers.

Eventually I am going to need some kind of a seat/stool. So I'll make a template from the under-support of the enlarger table and duplicate it/flip it around and use that to form the base of a stool.

Now I feel like I know where I'm going for this next stage, so it ought to be pretty easy to get rolling again!

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