Fixing Composites Using Adjustment Layers

Last year I produced one of my first multi-image composites, entitled "snip tease." It's been quite popular and I was fairly pleased with it until I tried to print it and noticed, at the higher resolutions, that there were some spots where my compositing was sloppy and, well, atrocious.

When I originally composited the image I just overlaid the images right-to-left and then erased away the edges until things looked about right.

In the image above, you can see how I laid the pictures into each layer. Then I went through and deleted the edges and blended and smoothed things until I was happy with the results. Obviously, I need a quick way to improve the job I did!

This is where adjustment layers come in incredibly handy. If I were doing this any other way I'm not sure it would be possible. But I simply create an adjustment layer of extreme bright/contrast: Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Brightness and Contrast

Now, to turn the effect on and off, all I have to do is click the visible/invisible icon (the eyeball in the left bar of the layers menu). When I'm done, I'll just drag the adjustment layer down to the little trashcan icon on the layer menu and - poof - it's gone!

As I was working on it, I noticed a few spots where I erased too much. So I filled the background layer with ugly green to make it more obvious!

Bellwether Farm , Morrisdale, Pennsylvania Feb 18, 2007