A Different Way of Seeing

I've always been fascinated by slow-motion photography and video - but it's only something that has become available to the prosumer in the last year. A few years ago I bought a Silicon Imaging high speed camera but I never got far with it because the capture software was awkward and the whole device was tethered to a computer - a hefty system to have to haul around.

This year, Casio released the EX-F1 - a prosumer high speed video effects camera in the $1000 range. It's really an amazing toy. I have not had so much fun with photography before! Lighting for high-speed can get demanding, since you need a lot of light but, because it's video, you don't want to blow it out or flatten the image by not having enough contrast.

As with any new technology, it must be pressed into use for erotica.

Slow Erotica