> 1) Who am I?

Marcus Ranum

> 2) Where am I from?

Morrisdale, Pennsylvania - in the beautiful middle of nowhere

> 3) What do I do for a living?

I am a computer security analyst/consultant. I do a lot of different stuff but I variously write code, audit networks, build secure systems, teach, manage programmers, etc.

> 4) How long have I been photographing?

About 14 years, now. I started with a 35mm pentax K1000 then moved to 6x6 and even 8x10 and now primarily shoot digital since I currently don't have a darkroom to process film in.

> 5) How often I usually use artificial light when photographing?

Almost always, unless I am shooting "snapshots" - I find that in order to get scenes I am happy with, I almost always want complete control over everything. That means controlling the light, too.