1) Who am I?


2) Where am I from?

Originally I am from Lubbock, TX. I am now in Chicago, IL.

3) What do I do for a living?

I am a graduate student studying theoretical chemistry at the University of Chicago.

4) How long have I been photographing?

I have been taking pictures for about 3.5 years. I bought a camera before my daughter was born. Since then I have mainly been taking pictures of her. Recently I have gotten "serious" and tried to learn more on the technical side and to truly improve both
technically and artisticly.

5) How often I usually use artificial light when photographing?

Just recently I have been experimenting more with indoor lighting and bouncing flash, though getting proper exposure it's still quite hard for me when using artificial lighting.

anything else you want to say about yourself and photography.

I am married with one daughter, both of which are tired of being in front of the camera :) I recently purchased a digital
camera and have been using it to learn the basics of lighting and exposure. I look forward to learning how to make the best
of what I have and to much feedback. Though I am partial to creative portraits, I like fine art and good candid shots.