1) Who am I?

I am Gilberto, 40 years old.

2) Where am I from?

I am from Brasil.

3) What do I do for a living?

I am a support analyst, web infrastructure.

4) How long have I been photographing?

About 3 years. I started with a 35mm Zenit XP12, then Praktica TTL 3, Konica TC and Minolta XD-7. Now I sill using Konica and Minolta, and a Sony F717.

5) How often I usually use artificial light when photographing?

25-30% of my pictures was take with artificial light, flash and continuous light.

6) Anything else you want to say about yourself and photography

I want to learn more about people pictures and light control. Some of my pictures are at http://gbfotografo.fotopic.net