Online Virtual Glamour Lighting Workshop...

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This experimental online workshop began March 1, 2004 with a small group of volunteers. Since it's being done virtually, I have structured the workshop as a series of exercises intended to provoke feedback and thought from the participants. The participant's email addresses are removed, but the main medium for the workshop is via a small private mail alias.

Each assignment is intended to evoke responses and follow-up from the attendees. I have structured the information via a table, below, which will contain all the various messages related to the workshop. If you want to walk along with the workshop, read from left to right, top to bottom. Some discussion postings may be omitted for clarity or have extraneous details edited out.

Workshop Member Background
Marcus Ranum (full)

Computer programmer, photographer 14 years. Likes film, uses digital. Workshop leader.

Dan (full) Computer consultant, photographer 30+ years. Specializes in "found" photos. Likes bird photos.
Larry (full) Police Officer, photographer 3 years. Beginning to use artificial light.
Jon (full) Sales Manager, between jobs. Photographer on and off most of life; serious and digital for 2 years. Currently outfitting a studio.
Jason (full) Theoretical chemist. Photographer 3.5 years. Gone digital and experimenting with indoor lighting.
Gilberto (full) Web Infrastructure support analyst. Photographer 3 years.
Karl (full) Tech Trainer in biotech. Photographer 30+ years. Film-oriented, learning studio lighting. Interested in "light painting."
Abe (full) Computer consultant. Photographer 3 years. Film-oriented.
Andy (full) Photojournalist. Professionally 4 years.
Peter (full) Computer consultant, photographer 30+ years. Primarily uses natural light and some flash; wants to use studio lighting.

Now... On to the assigments!!!

Assignment Responses
Original call for participation
Intro and Welcome
First Exercise - Image analysis 1

Larry Liebsch - soft lit blonde

Analysis - Marcus
Marcus Ranum - dark beauty
Analysis - Marcus

Jon Myle - Soft Light

Analysis - Marcus
Karl - grey composition
Analysis - Marcus

Jason Montgomery - Buff and dark

Analysis - Marcus

Re: Lightpainting - Karl

Re: Lightpainting - Marcus

Discussion on First Exercise Photoshop versus "real" lighting - Marcus
Angling Lighting - Karl
Angling Lighting - Marcus