I had a hard time with this assignment.  I found so many that I liked.  I even thought of including Weston's pepper no 30 because the quality of light makes is so strong.  Instead, I chose a photo that I love, but is not the style I would try to copy.  This photo is by Michael Ezra and I found it on Photosig.  You may then ask, "Why did you chose it, Karl?"  I love the art of it, but I really appreciate the quality of light.  It is so masterfully done for my taste.

Other reasons I like it:

- The composition is so elegantly simple.  The model, her form, her countour and shape, and the rich shadows are the photo.

- I love photos with a deep black background, but this one works for me because of the brighter tones that the grey background brings out.

- The pose illustrates the beauty of feminity, flexibility, and shape.

- Some argue that the model's face is covered, but that adds to the simplicity of the message of the human form.

- Finally, I love the empty space between her arched body and the fantastic shadow on the floor.