Ok, here's my image. I picked this one pretty quickly off of photo.net - it's "Diana L V" by Bezergheanu.

What do I like about it?
- The model's expression is attractive; coy (like she wants to be naughty but simultaneously retiring) she's flirting with
the camera. I like that a lot because it catches my eye; probably some base instinct. ;)
- The image is dark but she's clearly separated from the background.
- I especially like the curve of her back and the way the photographer caught the saucy up-tilt of breast coming around from the
- The curve of her butt and back is also very nice.
- I like the way her skin is pale; almost washed out. She could be some kind of sexy vampire luring in her victim for a late
night snack...
- Is she wearing bondage cuffs?! I didn't NOTICE that when I picked the image...!!

- The lighting kind of surrounds her like a soft cloud. It highlights and haloes her, which pulls her excellent form up off the dark background and gives the image a lot of impact.

Light and Image
This is neat because the model is clearly visible but the image is overall very dark. You can see all the curves of her beautiful body, attractively displayed, and the nimbus of light she's standing in does a lot to highlight it.