OK!! Thanks Larry!

Now, let's look at this picture a bit and see if we can play a lighting game. I'd like you all to follow with me, and I'd also like you all to feel free to chime in if you think I am wrong!! That's half the fun.

This is a game one of my buddies taught me. It's a GREAT way to learn lighting. What you do is decompose an image and try to guess how the lighting was done. Well, not "guess" -- more like "detect"

I have attached a new version of the image with some annotations I did in photoshop that indicate my suspicions and why.

(click for full-size)

To recap some of the analysis here; I think we're looking at a model on a bed with a large softbox that is shining across nearly horizontal from the top of the picture. This is providing the main exposure. The image would be too contrasty if there was just one softbox, though. So there must be some kind of fill-light to bring up the sheets and the model's feet and legs. If you look at the bottom of the scene you'll notice there are no "hot spots" of light on her butt, or - most importantly - her toenails. The light is extremely even. So I am guessing there is a large white bounce, angled slightly down, or else she's up against a white-painted wall. A bounce would make more sense because where's the photographer going to stand, otherwise?

Tricks in this game:
- Look CLOSELY at reflective surfaces.
- Study "hot spots" and "cold spots" to locate where lights are
- Judge what type of light modulator was used by the softness and
shape of the hot spots or evenness of the light.

Comments? What do you guys think?? (Larry! Nice picture!)