meyle, jon wrote:
>I got this image off of Photosig. I love the eveness of
>the lighting and the depth of the shadows. Getting the
>white of the bra to show as true white is very difficult.
>(imho). I think that this is a great overall image!

This is very "hollywood" - the tones are reminiscent of a Hurrell or something like that. Gorgeous.

The lighting on this one is very cunning. There are two big clues in how it was done. Look closely at her left eye and the tip of her nose!!

Look at the tip of her nose for 'the clue' (and HER left eye also). You can see the shape of a single round light. If you plot
it back, you can tell that all the shadows converge on a single point above the model. This is a classic example of a "one light photo" spectacularly executed.

You can tell where the light is aimed by going into photoshop and turning the "levels" on the image waaaaay down. ;) The light is aimed right at her right bra-cup.

I'm guessing that there's a single light 4 to 10 feet above her, with a simple diffuser like a mini frost screen or something like that.

The other "trick" that's really neat about a lighting setup like this is that you can carefully control the shadowing on the model by moving the light forward or backward. This image looks like it was very carefully adjusted so the light fell and raked across her tummy and hip to define it with some extra shadows. That same trick really does a lot to define the textures in the bra, because it makes the surface ridges in the fabric cast shadows and stand out.
See how that was done?
If you shot that bra with the light falling straight on it from the front, or if there was a fill-light, you'd lose all of the "pop'" in the fabric.