I got this from Justin Grant's website. Generally I love his style
of portrait and glamour photography.

What do I like about the picture?

To get the obvious out of the way, the model is certainly attractive.
I'm not too crazy about the flowery bra, but I like that she is just
as seductive, if not more, with it on.

As for the composition, I like her legs somewhat along the diagonals.
Furthermore, I like how the line of her left leg seems to end with her
right shoulder. I think not including a clear shot of her face is
important to the composition. Including it would make it more a
picture of a pretty girl. As is, it is more about the curves and muscle
tone of her body, imo.

** The lighting is everything about this picture. I love how it seems
to bounce off the curves and leave the rest somewhat darker. It is
soft and helps the feel of soft smooth skin. **

Jason Montgomery