HI Group,


I am sorry for not getting back on this one faster.  I really like this photo too.  I appreciate the strong sensual message.  The lighting is perfect for me. Marcus asked if I thought the photographer experimented with painting with light.  I do not think so.  The lighting is too even and directional.  With the little experimentation I have done with painting with light, the painting creates an eerie and surreal feel.  This photo has strong directional light.  I am attaching an example I found on photosig from canuto/knut.  The photographer lives in from Norway.  I wrote him and he gave me this advice for painting with light.

  -Hi, first of all it must be total darknes in the room. (My model is laying on a white background-paper. I start with her feets. You may moove yourselves all the time, but NEVER ever go back to a part you have been lightning. (cause the model will always moove a little.) I try to hold the flashligt in the same distance to the model all the time, to get a even exposure. When I am finished with the model, I lighten the background. As a start, try to get your model to find a "relaxed" position. I am lucky to use a digital camera, so I can se the reusult, and can change my f: til I find the right one.

Hope this can help you a little- I think it might be fun for us to try and use the mini mag light to experiment with painting with light.  Have a great weekend. Take care,