As I've been deconstructing these photos, there have been a couple of times where I've been going, "wow. Is this real lighting, or is this photoshop?" :)

Photoshop is a reality that liberates some types of photography from a lot of the grunt-work of getting these effects in camera. In fact, a lot of the images we've been looking at would have been very EASY to do in photoshop. It's hard to tell which technique actually generated the image!!

BUT since this is a lighting workshop, here's what we'll do. We'll pretend that Photoshop doesn't exist for adjusting images. :) We'll try to deal with these photos and projects as if the only tool we had to control the light was the light itself. So even if an image was done in photoshop, I'll try to walk through how you might have done it with studio lighting. One thing I've found that REALLY improved my photoshop skills was when I started asking myself "how would I emulate this particular darkroom process in Photoshop??"