Class Notes for my Photoshop Instant Mastery Tutorial

Are here.

Gallery on Tumblr

If you're into tumblr, I've decided to start a more or less unedited photo dump. There are lots of plates and digital shots that I don't post in my DA account (I try to curate the images there for high quality) or on Fetlife.

Shifting Creative Tracks

Recently, I've been experimenting with Henry Fox Talbot's ambrotype process. Why? Because it produces results that are unique. And it's fun for people who like to get their hands dirty.

Second Life

Now you can buy virtual versions of my artworks in Second Life, thanks to Zena Zemjla: Body Mind and Spirt - here. If you're in SL check it out!


Francis Tsai - a very cool artist - has the cover illustration, and a tutorial in this month's ImagineFX (volume #32) . He does a tutorial on producing an "image in the style of..." Syd Meade, referenced off of one of my stock images.


Recently I've been amusing myself by producing stock images for other artists to play with. For that purpose, I have opened up a stock account on DeviantArt. It's great fun: I post stuff and other artists make composites from what I posted. Some of the results are absolutely amazing!

... "left over" images from my studio shoots get turned into gorgeousness like this!!...

(briar rose by foxfires)