GWC Studio, Croft PA

20485 Shawville Croft Highway, Croft PA 16830

Map Location: N41 04.738' W078 20.430'

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In 2006, I purchased a decomissioned elementary school, to use as a studio/workshop.

It is available for rent on a daily basis for photography, video, etc. Rates vary depending on what equipment you're using (i.e: my lighting kit is available if you want to use it, for an additional fee). Daily rental starts at $100/day. If you want to use my lights and pocket wizards and have me assist and rig equipment and props, it's $250/day. I have large supplies of plywood, paint, and 2x4s, a complete wood shop, and considerable construction skill - if there's a flat or box or structure you want constructed, we can discuss it.

There is no phone or internet. Facilities and free high speed internet are available at a truck-stop about 5 miles up the road. It also gets cold in the winter; there is no heat other than portable propane and diesel heaters, which are not very pleasant to work around for long periods of time.

Some of what's available:

In addition to the rooms and spaces pictured below, there is a small empty office, several other small rooms, a dank and gloomy basement, and two other rooms that are used to set up temporary or semi-permanent photography sets.

(exterior view)

(interior view, front hall)

(main assembly hall, with lit lecture area)

(main assembly hall, rear view)

(studio workspace; make-up table and lights)

(studio workspace; storage/assembly area and edge of sweep)

(the prop-room. dozens of crazy pairs of shoes and hundreds of costumes and bits of clothing of all types)

(studio workspace; showing sweep - in need of painting - and 7-foot octodome)