Plate Holders for Wet-Plate Workers

Washable. Inexpensive. Ultra-lightweight. Shock-absorbent. Environmentally Friendly. Holistic. Show your friends how sexy and smart you are!

I'm making these available for fellow wet-platers who need liners for the sides of your cardboard plate-boxes. These are made of open cell polyurethane foam rubber. It's chemical-proof, flexible, shock-resistant, and inexpensive. Because table-saws are not gentle on soft materials, some of the plate-holders will have saw-marks or miscuts.

An "assload" is however many plate-holders I can get by cross-cutting the material into approximately 3/4" strips. Generally, the material I'm using is 36" to 42" so you're talking about 3 dozen or so plate-holders per assload. I can make these out of oak or other woods (much more expensive!) or green foam (incredibly cheap). Depending on your requirements I may be able to make them with a variety of widths, depths, or lengths. Email me ( if you have any questions!!

Normal dimensions, approximately 12" long, 3/4" deep, 7/8" wide with slots 3/8" deep, 1/2" apart.

Buy an Assload: (delivery time 2-3 weeks)

Half-Assload of plate-holders: (white or black poly foam rubber) $10
Assload of plate-holders: (white or black poly foam rubber) $15
Custom Measured
Assload of plate-holders: $20
(specify width, length, slot depth, slot spacing in order comments)

Trade For an Assload: (delivery time 2-3 weeks)

Email me your address and I'll mail you an assload of plate-holders. If you're happy with them, then mail me back a plate, print, or some other kind of art-work.