Her Price Is Steel

Model is M. Ambrotype on black glass. (shot June 2012)

This one is for all the "goreans" out there.

Box is oak, dyed black with leather dye and keyed with ebony corners, finished with oil and wax. Backing is cardboard appliqued with red satin, plate tied at corners with red satin ribbon; printed and handwritten label. There are minor flaws in many hand-made works; this one has small stained-looking regions where I punched the holes through the fabric to tie down the plate. I coated the edges of the holes with "stop-fray" so that the fabric wouldn't run, but the "stop fray" absorbed into the material and made it change color slightly.

There is a complete walkthrough of the making of this type of boxed artwork here.

This item was listed on Ebay in July 2012, and sold for ____