Shira Kaiken (white knife)

Model is Rayn

When samurai women committed suicide ("jigai") they tied their thighs so that their clothing would not be disarranged by their collapse. Jigai was usually performed with a small, sharp, knife ("kaiken") jammed into the carotid artery where it's accessible at the edge of the throat.

This piece is a companion-piece to Dark Farewell


The plate is boxed in a 2nd generation box: solid oak and plywood with rosewood corner-splines, died black. The background is applique'd with an antique piece of kimono fabric printed with falling plum-blossoms and the plate is held at the corners with red paper rope. The 2nd generation plate-box features a separate glass lid that can be removed so the plate can be viewed without a glass barrier between the viewer and the art-work.

Atristically, this is probably the best plate I've ever produced. So far.


Listed on Ebay in January 2012