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I am not kidding!! This so-called "music" could turn a buddhist monk into a homicidal raving maniac. If you've ever wondered what happens to composers who sell their soul to the devil -- this is the music that they are forced to write in hell.

LIsten to the introductory "build" leading up to the first "break" in this little track of horrors! If you're at all familiar with The Rocky Horror Picture Show (the cult movie from the 70's) you can tell where it was lifted from. From an inauspicious beginning the music veers horribly into the depths of mind-wrenching evil, as the female vocal announces that "Through our Passion.. The Web is One..." Where did they find someone with a decent voice who was willing to croak forth this necromantic drivel? Just as your brain is about to shut down, the song hits the break, and evil satanic disco trance salsa swells to its horrifying climax! "...CHECKPooooint You can be SuuuuuUURE!!!" AUUUGHHHH!!!!!! SOMEONE SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD AND MAKE IT STOP!

The Checkpoint Song